‘Crypto: The Game’ is acquired by Uniswap Labs prior to its third season

  • For an undisclosed sum, Uniswap Labs has purchased Crypto: The Game, an on-chain game akin to Survivor, according to a Monday Fortune story.
  • The co-founders of CTG are joining Uniswap Labs as part of the agreement, and they will stay there to continue working on upcoming game seasons.

Uniswap Labs has acquired Crypto: The Game, an on-chain competition akin to Survivor, in anticipation of the release of the game’s upcoming season.

Fortune Magazine said on Monday that Uniswap Labs purchased the well-liked game with a crypto-focused focus for a combination of cash, tokens, and shares. As per the agreement, CTG creators Dylan Abruscato, Tyler Cagle, and Bryan Lee will work for Uniswap Labs and continue to develop the game.

Mary-Catherine Lader, the chief operating officer of Uniswap Labs, told Fortune Magazine on Monday that the company is focusing on making on-chain encounters more enjoyable and human. “We’ve seen CTG generate a ton of excitement,” Lader added.

Crypto: The Game, an on-chain game, has generated some excitement since its launch earlier this year. Less than 15 minutes passed before NFT passes to enter the competition’s second season sold out, with some of the 800 passes selling for about 40% more when resold, based on OpenSea data.

For Uniswap Labs, the acquisition occurs during a period of uncertainty. The inventor of the self-titled decentralized exchange was notified by federal securities regulators in April that it would soon be the subject of an investigation through a Wells Notice.

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Author: Lalit Mohan

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