“Yescoin” and “Tapswap,” two Telegram games, are launching tokens on the open network

  • There are more Telegram-based games coming to The Open Network (TON) following the massive Notcoin airdrop and the frenzy surrounding Hamster Kombat.

Following Notcoin, which in 2024 dropped the largest gaming token to yet, came the hotly anticipated token airdrop of Hamster Kombat, which is based on the Telegram clicker concept. 

Two popular Telegram games have now disclosed their intentions to launch their tokens on The Open Network (TON) in addition to bringing their projects to the platform.

Simple games that can be played through tiny applications on the Telegram messaging software, Tapswap and Yescoin, announced separately on Thursday that they would be launching on TON.

Tapswap will look quite similar to you if you played Notcoin prior to the token launch in April, when the mining phase concluded. The basic idea remains the same: by using the Telegram mini app to tap a golden coin on your smartphone screen, you may earn in-game cash for improvements and upgrades as well as work toward a future cryptocurrency token airdrop.

The app Tapswap, which has 50 million users, said on Thursday that it will eventually debut on TON instead of Solana wallet integration. The project tweeted that this well-considered choice is the greatest way to provide our ever-expanding community with the finest possible experience.

Conversely, Yescoin approaches the Telegram “clicker” concept in a different way. In this game, users swipe their fingertips across the screen to accumulate in-game currency. Its low-fidelity pixel art style allows players to augment their profits by allocating a portion of their coins to different enhancements and additional benefits.

Recently, Yescoin has been hinting at a significant partnership, and on Thursday, the company announced on its Telegram channel that it was collaborating with TON. The project made reference to a possible “YES” token ticker in the message by using the phrase “Yes, let’s say YES!”

As more and more Telegram users swarm to the platform’s cryptocurrency-earning games, Yescoin has amassed almost 18 million users in just over a month, according to a tweet from The Open Network.

In late May, Hamster Kombat, a game that turns you into a fuzzy hamster and riffs on the clicker genre, revealed that it will be launching a token on TON. Since then, it has grown significantly, and the team now claims over 100 million players ahead of a scheduled token launch in July.

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Author: Puskar Pande

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