TradeStation Crypto Settles with SEC for $3 Million Over Unregistered Product

  • The $3 million settlement between TradeStation Crypto and the SEC, along with regulatory actions from 26 states, highlights the growing scrutiny faced by crypto lending platforms.
  •  The focus on an alleged unregistered interest product underscores the necessity for compliance in a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

TradeStation Crypto, a Monex Group subsidiary, has reached a $3 million settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and regulators from 26 states. The resolution addresses allegations that the Florida-based company provided an unregistered interest-bearing crypto-lending product to investors without the necessary registration. The SEC’s consent order found that between August 2020 and June 2022, TradeStation Crypto allowed U.S. investors to deposit or purchase crypto assets, promising interest payments. The SEC deemed this product an unregistered security, to which TradeStation Crypto did not admit nor deny. Simultaneously, a settlement with state regulators was disclosed by the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA), highlighting increased regulatory scrutiny on crypto lending products. This enforcement action follows similar regulatory efforts, such as the closure of Nexo’s interest-bearing product in 2023.

TradeStation Crypto to Cease U.S. Operations by Feb. 24

In response to the settlement, TradeStation Crypto announced its decision to discontinue offering products and services in the United States by February 24. This strategic shift in operational focus aligns with broader initiatives by Monex Group, the parent company of TradeStation Crypto. Monex Group has been actively involved in the crypto sector, acquiring Japan-based crypto exchange Coincheck and investing in 3iQ Digital Holdings. The parent company also revealed plans to list Coincheck on the U.S. Nasdaq stock exchange through a merger with Thunder Bridge Capital Partners IV, originally scheduled for July 2023 but postponed to July 2024. This move reflects Monex Group’s commitment to expansion through acquisitions and listings on international stock exchanges.

SEC’s Ongoing Enforcement Against Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Operations

The SEC’s enforcement activities extend beyond the TradeStation Crypto settlement, demonstrating a crackdown on unauthorized cryptocurrency operations. On February 2, the regulator announced charges against Brian Sewell, founder of the American Bitcoin Academy, for orchestrating a fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme. According to the SEC, Sewell’s operation deceived students, extracting approximately $1.2 million under the pretense of providing educational courses on cryptocurrency investing. These enforcement actions underscore the regulatory scrutiny faced by entities operating in the cryptocurrency space.

TradeStation Crypto Settles with SEC for $3 Million, Ceases U.S. Operations Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

TradeStation Crypto’s $3 million settlement with the SEC and state regulators over allegations of offering an unregistered interest product underscores the heightened regulatory scrutiny in the crypto lending space. The company’s decision to discontinue U.S. operations by February 24 aligns with Monex Group’s broader strategic focus on expansion and compliance. This settlement, along with recent SEC actions, emphasizes the regulatory challenges facing cryptocurrency operations and signals the importance of adhering to regulatory standards for sustained industry integrity.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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