Starknet Unveils Ambitious 700 Million STRK Token Airdrop for 1.3 Million Users

  • The news highlights Starknet’s community-centric approach through a substantial airdrop of 700 million STRK tokens to a vast user base of 1.3 million individuals. 
  • This strategic move is aimed at recognizing and rewarding active contributors to the Starknet ecosystem, fostering a sense of inclusivity and participation. 

In a significant move, the Starknet Foundation has officially declared a forthcoming airdrop set for February 20, 2024. This strategic initiative aims to distribute a substantial sum of 700 million native STRK tokens to a vast user base comprising 1.3 million individuals, marking a considerable 7% of the total 10 billion STRK supply. To qualify for this noteworthy reward, users must have engaged in a minimum of five transactions spread across three different months, accumulating a total value of no less than $100. Additionally, eligibility requires users to have held a wallet with a balance of 0.005 Ethereum (ETH) or more before November 15, 2023.

Furthermore, the airdrop extends its benefits to a diverse group of participants, including those involved in the ECMP program, Starknet developers, StarkEx users, Ethereum developers, EIP authors, Ethereum stakes holders, Ethereum Protocol Guild members, and GitHub developers. Users can assert their right to these tokens until the deadline on June 20, 2024.

It’s worth noting that, back in early December 2023, the Starknet team had revealed plans to allocate 1.8 billion STRK among the project’s two ecosystem committees. This distribution involves utilizing part of the funds for the initial allocation, while the remaining half is earmarked to form a revolving fund. Of the 900 million STRK set aside as return funds for community members, a special committee under the Starknet Foundation will oversee the distribution, rewarding users for their “vital transactions on the network.”

Starknet’s Grand Gesture: Airdropping 700 Million STRK Tokens to a Million-Strong Community

Starknet’s decision to conduct a substantial airdrop of 700 million STRK tokens to 1.3 million users underscores the project’s dedication to inclusivity and community involvement. By extending eligibility to diverse groups and setting clear criteria for participation, Starknet aims to reward those actively contributing to its ecosystem. This strategic move not only bolsters the platform’s user base but also positions the STRK token as a key player in the growing Web3 landscape. As users eagerly anticipate claiming their tokens, Starknet’s commitment to fostering a thriving and engaged community is evident, paving the way for continued growth and development.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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