Shortly after debut, the ‘Pirate Nation’ coin from a16z-backed gaming studio becomes listed on Coinbase

  • Shortly after its introduction on Thursday, Proof of Play’s cryptocurrency game “Pirate Nation” was able to obtain a token listing on Coinbase.
  • A16z Crypto, Anchorage Digital, and Naval Ravikant took part in a $33 million Proof of Play seed round last September.

Pirate Nation, a cryptocurrency game developed by Proof of Play and backed by A16z, obtained a Coinbase token listing not long after its launch on Thursday.

According to a statement, PIRATE is an Ethereum Mainnet ERC-20 token that functions as a utility token for “Pirate Nation.” According to CoinGecko, the coin, which went live on Thursday at 12 a.m. EST, had increased by over 90% to $0.28 as of 3:33 p.m. EST.

Thursday at noon, Coinbase declared that it would list in the token. According to Proof of Play, Pirate Nation is a free-to-play roleplaying game with a pirate theme.

Amitt Mahajan, a co-creator of FarmVille and a former CEO of Zynga, is the CEO of Proof of Play, a cryptocurrency game company. In September of last year, A16z Crypto, Anchorage Digital, and Naval Ravikant participated in a $33 million Proof of Play seed round.

Making Pirate Nation better and more engaging is the main design objective of the PIRATE coin, according to a statement made by Mahajan. The statement says, “We are delighted to offer utility while rewarding our dedicated community.” We believe that players receive Proof of Play points as recognition and compensation for their involvement in the Proof of Play ecosystem.

With high-profile games like Shrapnel and Illuvium vying for players’ attention and more straightforward 2D Telegram games like Hamster Kombat claiming to be drawing in millions of players, the web3 gaming scene may finally be heating up.

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Author: Puskar Pande

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