Sei V2 Code Is Ready Ahead of Launch

  • Co-founder of Sei Labs declared that OtterSec and Zellic had started auditing the finished Sei V2 code.
  • Sei V2 connects Ethereum and Cosmos, encouraging developer cooperation and opening doors for creative blockchain applications.

Sei Labs has released audited Sei V2 code that contains unique support for both the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Cosmwasm, marking a major advancement in improving blockchain interoperability. Jay Jog, a co-founder of Sei Labs, revealed this revelation, which marks a significant turning point in the development of blockchain technology.

Stateful precompile and chain-level notification scheduling underpin the new Sei platform, increasing the computational capacity and efficiency of smart contracts. Complex computations can be performed with stateful precompile, and chain-level message scheduling guarantees consistent execution across different blockchain networks. Sei V2’s enhanced functionality and better interoperability within the larger blockchain ecosystem are largely dependent on these characteristics.

Sei V2’s effects are felt throughout the blockchain ecosystem, as it makes Ethereum and Cosmos more compatible. This development could lead to a more cooperative and federated blockchain ecosystem, opening up new opportunities for developers and stakeholders.

Tackling Interoperability Challenge and Bridging Blockchain Networks

Sei V2 makes a big step towards bridging the Ethereum and Cosmos gaps by adding support for EVM and Cosmwasm. With this integration, developers can take advantage of the advantages of both platforms, creating a collaborative atmosphere and opening up a world of opportunities for creative blockchain applications.

The Sei V2 code upgrade highlights how crucial cross-chain communication and interoperability are becoming in the context of blockchain technology. Notably, to ensure a strong and secure implementation, OtterSec and Zellic have started the auditing process for the finished Sei V2 code.

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