Saga Gaming Token Airdrop Sweeps Across Multiple Blockchains

  • Saga, a gaming-centric network, initiates its airdrop claim after a three-month play-to-airdrop campaign, making SAGA tokens available to more than 200,000 eligible wallets across Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, and Polygon’s Ethereum scaler. 
  • The claim period is open until March 27, with 60 million SAGA tokens up for grabs. 

Saga, a prominent gaming-centric network, has initiated its highly-anticipated airdrop campaign, allowing winners of play-to-airdrop competitions and crypto enthusiasts who have staked tokens on various blockchain networks to claim SAGA tokens. The campaign, spanning three months, witnessed gamers participating in events on Saga’s testnet and engaging with notable games on different chains, such as card-battler Parallel and first-person shooter Shrapnel.

With more than 200,000 eligible wallets across Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, and Ethereum scaler Polygon, the claims page is now live, enabling users to secure their share of the 60 million SAGA tokens available until March 27.

Saga, a pioneering gaming-focused network, has officially commenced its airdrop claim process, culminating a series of play-to-airdrop competitions held over the past three months. Participants who emerged victorious in these events, alongside crypto enthusiasts who staked tokens on select blockchain networks, are now eligible to claim SAGA tokens.

The airdrop spans across a diverse range of chains, including Avalanche, Solana, Cosmos, Celestia, and Ethereum scaler Polygon, with over 200,000 unique wallets qualifying for token claims. The claims page is currently open, providing participants the opportunity to secure their portion of the 60 million SAGA tokens allocated for the airdrop, with the claiming period extending until March 27.

It is essential to note that regional eligibility restrictions apply to the airdrop claims, and citizens and residents of the United States are excluded from token claims. Saga’s play-to-airdrop competitions incorporated games built on the network’s testnet, as well as popular games on different chains, exemplified by card-battler Parallel and first-person shooter Shrapnel.

In addition to the play-to-airdrop competition winners, Saga extends airdrop allocations to users who have staked the native cryptocurrencies of various networks, including Avalanche, Polygon, Celestia, and Cosmos, during specific periods in 2023. Detailed guidelines on eligibility have been provided by Saga, specifying which users on these chains can claim SAGA tokens based on their staking history.

Saga’s strategic partnerships with Avalanche and Polygon have contributed to its unique position in the crypto gaming space. The Saga network, envisioned as a “chain to launch chains,” facilitates complementary infrastructure for games and applications on different chains. While Saga’s focus extends beyond gaming, with CEO and co-founder Rebecca Liao emphasizing a model of “chainlets” for versatile usage, a significant 80% of early developers on the testnet have concentrated on building innovative games.

As the crypto gaming landscape experiences renewed vigor, Saga’s airdrop campaign adds momentum to its upcoming mainnet launch. The initiative not only entices players to explore the Saga ecosystem but also offers tangible token rewards for active participation in the early games running on Saga’s testnet. With a commitment to inclusivity, Saga’s airdrop spans across multiple blockchains, showcasing its dedication to creating a broad and engaged community within the crypto gaming sphere.

Empowering Blockchain Visionaries: Saga’s Advanced Tools and Dedicated Chains Unleash Innovation

Saga empowers visionaries by providing advanced tools and robust support to transform their blockchain aspirations into reality. This protocol facilitates developers in seamlessly deploying a single tenant VM onto a dedicated blockchain.

This deployment includes fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure, ensuring a comprehensive and secure environment for blockchain development.

One of Saga’s key advantages is the assurance of low and predictable gas fees. Operating on an individual chain eliminates concerns about other applications impacting gas fees, providing developers with a dedicated space for optimal flexibility and upgradability throughout the development cycle.

Additionally, Saga’s dedicated chains offer superior performance, guaranteeing close to 100% SLA with higher throughput. This strategic approach not only streamlines the blockchain development process but also aligns with Saga’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for developers to bring their innovative ideas to life.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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