Rollup tool is released by Web3 infrastructure company Alchemy to assist developers in building their own chains

  • Alchemy introduced Alchemy Rollups, a tool that enables developers to start and grow their own chains.

Alchemy, a blockchain technology business, announced on Thursday the release of a new tool called Alchemy Rollups.

Developers can start and grow their own chains with Alchemy Rollups. Rollups, which combine data into a single transaction, are used by the tool. A waiting list is in place for Alchemy Rollups.

We are thrilled to see industry leaders start running their own chains since we have been observing the change in the industry towards rollups. 

As stated by Alchemy Product Lead Monica Garde said,, “Our mission is to bring web3 to billions of users, and enabling developers to run their own chains is a critical step towards that goal.” 

“We take great pride in assisting developers in utilizing the full potential of our development platform as well as our dependable, tried-and-true infrastructure to roll out rollups and support the growth of their ecosystems”, she added.

Alchemy’s valuation in February 2022 was $10.2 billion. In September of last year, the company purchased the blockchain data indexing platform Satsuma.

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Author: Lalit Mohan

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