Reebok and VeeFriends to roll out limited-series shoe collection

Leading sportswear manufacturer Reebok announced that it has partnered with VeeFriends to roll out a limited-edition series of shoes that will be based on the latter’s 283 characters. Launched on August 3, 2023, the series would be called ‘the VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca Classic Nylon’.

VeerFriends was developed by Gary Vaynerchuk as a platform where one could explore digital characters that promote kindness and positivity. Vaynerchuk designed the 283 characters with the goal of making the world “a better place”, according to reports. These characters represent concepts like ambition, adaptability, gratitude, resilience, and kindness.

The partnership-based launch is inspired by the VeerFriends character ‘Aspiring Alpaca’ as it’s in tandem with Reebok’s overall aim of creating products that can inspire people to explore their full potential. The VeerFriends character also encourages people to chase their dreams.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the collaboration, Vaynerchuk said that being an 80’s kid he holds Reebok very close to his heart. He said that he cherishes the brand as he is a pop culture enthusiast as well. 

He added that everyone he knew was rocking a classic pair of Reebok sneakers back in the 1980s. He further said that collaborating with Reebook was a “pleasure” and he couldn’t wait for the launch of the ‘VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca Classic Nylon’. 

The VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca Classic design draws inspiration from the Classic Nylon – Reebok’s flagship silhouette. It is known for its minimalistic design which gives it a classic appeal. The shoes sport an upper side made of nylon which has suede overlays. The upper side would be sporting the  VeerFriends logo. On the tongue, there would be an original series 1 drawing of the Aspiring Alpaca.

The VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca Classic Nylon would be retailing at $90 and would be made in unisex sizing. Interested buyers can purchase these shoes either on or on Reebok’s official website.

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Author: Puskar Pande

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