Reasons for the Arrival of HV-MTL Ethereum Mechs in the Arena Shooter “Shatterline”

  • Faraway is integrating HV-MTL and Legends of the Mara into other games, beginning with this one, after purchasing the IP from Yuga Labs.

The HV-MTL NFT mech suits, which were first developed by Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs, are scheduled to be included in a glitzy, free-to-play arena shooter named Shatterline following a change of ownership this spring.

This week, on Twitter (also known as X), Faraway, a gaming firm that still has tight ties with Yuga and acquired the HV-MTL and Legends of the Mara IP, hinted at the partnership. The short teaser shows off the pixel mechs that have been turned into flying 3D allies to aid your first-person shooter protagonist.

Shatterline is a shooting game for PC that has been in early access since 2022. The game just revealed that it will close its early access servers on August 1 in preparation for a full release later in the year. This week, Faraway co-founder Alex Paley revealed that plans are underway to create the Epic Games Store.

Paley claims that since 2022, Faraway and Frag Lab, the developers of Shatterline, had been in conversation about possibly integrating Web3 features. But before thinking about adding any such features, he stated, Frag Lab needed to get the gameplay refined and established.

Early playtests for Shatterline “looked absolutely incredible,” according to Paley.

Faraway started talking to Yuga Labs earlier this year about purchasing the Mara and HV-MTL IP in order to use them in a variety of games. CEO and co-founder of Yuga Greg Garga Solano has acknowledged that the company had been disoriented as a result of taking on too many projects and stretching itself too thin.

Paley stated that Faraway’s choice to move forward with the Yuga contract was influenced by its ability to collaborate with Shatterline, as the latter was working on a polished, competitive action game that Faraway thought the IP would fit in nicely. Additionally, he believes that HV-MTL and Mara IP will set Shatterline apart from the other shooters.

That’s what convinced us to take it seriously, according to Paley.

Paley stated that Shatterline with its HV-MTL connection should launch in Q4 2024. According to him, players may expect to receive both Web3 prizes (such as tradable items) and standard Web2 incentives from Shatterline when they use their HV-MTL NFT companions in player-versus-environment expedition modes.

Following the initial launch, Faraway intends to incorporate other HV-MTL classes. Following that, as hinted at at the conclusion of the film, it will delve into the Legends of the Mara IP, which features Koda Maras, Shattered Goliaths, and other Yuga Labs-original characters and beasts.

Paley stated that Frag Lab had the opportunity to introduce NFTs in 2022, during their initial discussions on crypto integrations, prior to the market cooling down. However, he gave the team credit for concentrating on refining the gameplay and preparing Shatterline for a wide release. That moment is drawing near, he said.

He stated, “I just want to give that team some props for building during the bear [market] and waiting until the right time.”

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Author: Puskar Pande

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