Plans for and Unstoppable Domains Web3 domain ‘.blockchain’ with DNS support

  • One of the first DNS-enabled Web3 domains, “.blockchain,” will be created by Unstoppable Domains and through an application with ICANN.
  • The action comes after Ethereum Name Service launched a similar program in April that included browser-compatible “.box” web names.

Through an application with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Web3 domain name supplier Unstoppable Domains and international cryptocurrency company are working together to build one of the first Web3 domains that is compatible with email and web browsers. is submitting an application to ICANN in time for its upcoming generic top-level domain (gTLD) registration round, with the goal of the strategic move announced today being the creation of a “.blockchain” Web3 domain.

Next year, when the Applicant’s Guidebook is released, the application process will start. But the deadline for applications isn’t until April 2026.

The.blockchain domain will join ICANN-registered gTLDs,.net, if the proposal is approved. The goal is to take use of’s 40 million verified users.

More than 90 million cryptocurrency wallets and more than $1.2 trillion in cryptocurrency transactions are allegedly said to have been facilitated by

Unstoppable Domains COO Sandy Carter expressed, “We are excited to collaborate with on this ambitious project.” Our partnership is prepared to test and provide a low-cost solution using a Web3 domain first. This is a start toward making sure we can organize and think through the forthcoming ICANN work.

Creating a bridge between Web3 and Web2

The partnership with Unstoppable names and comes after Ethereum Name Service introduced browser-compatible “.box” web names in April.

Alongside.eth, domain is the first on-chain gTLD that is available in the ENS manager app. It was previously acknowledged as an ICANN-approved top-level domain.

Domains hosted are compatible with popular email providers and can be searched and indexed by major browsers like Google Chrome and Safari.

By translating easily readable names like “alice.eth” into more complicated crypto addresses, Web3 domain names provide an alternative to the Domain Name System (DNS) and facilitate more user-friendly transactions.

The companies stated that many more Web3 TLDs would eventually have their own Web2 “twins,” enabling businesses to connect Web3 domains with more conventional Internet space.

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Author: Lalit Mohan

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