Offchain Labs Launches Arbitrum Stylus Supporting Multiple Programming Languages on Ethereum

There are several new blockchain projects which have emerged to address the limitations of the traditional blockchain technology. While some projects work to enhance the transaction time and lower the cost of the legacy blockchain network like Ethereum, others introduce new solutions to enhance smart contract development. With a vision to bring about flexibility and inclusivity in the Ethereum Layer two smart contract development, Offchain Labs, one of the leading blockchain developers has introduced a new technical implementation called the Arbitrum Stylus. This new tool supports the development of smart contracts in many popular programming languages. This initiative sets up the possibility of wider acceptance of blockchain technology across various industries. 

Background of Offchain Labs 

Offchain Labs is set on a mission to develop scaling solutions for the Ethereum network without compromising on security. The company with its intensive research and development has been at the forefront of solutions like the Arbitrum One and Nova, powered by Nitro, a technology stack company. Arbitrum One is an EVM-compatible rollup that makes scaling decentralized applications much simpler and instant. It also reduces the cost involved and drastically increases capacity while keeping the security of the network intact. Offchain Labs has a reputation in the market owing to its innovative and unique solutions crafted to make Ethereum a more accessible and democratic platform.

Offchain Labs’ new tool for Expanding Language Support on Ethereum

Offhain Labs, the developer of the Arbitrum Layer two solution has introduced a groundbreaking innovation called Arbitrum Stylus to encourage a wider acceptance of the platform by developers. Arbitrum Stylus facilitates the development of smart contracts in several popular programming languages like Rust, C, and C++ on Arbitrum’s layer two network, working in parallel with the already adopted Solidity language. The tool sets itself apart by letting developers write smart contracts in a language other than Solidity that can be conveniently converted to WASM or Web Assembly.  WASM serves as a means to run codes originating from languages like Rust and C++ on the web and with Arbitrum Stylus the function can be extended to blockchain as well. Governed with the aim to broaden the compatibility of the Ethereum network for smart contract development the code and testnet of Arbitrum Stylus is made public. 

Creating an Inclusive Developer Community

The CEO and Cofounder Offchain Labs, Steve Goldfeder, stated the importance of building an inclusive developer community and said that his team is focused on creating solutions that are open and accessible to many people for developing applications tapping into the potential of on-chain and technology stacks. The company believes that Arbiturm Stylus bears the potential to bring around 3 million Rust and C developers to the Ethereum smart contract ecosystem. This would be an exponential growth compared to previous stats of around 20,000 Solidity developers of the domain.

Offchain Labs’ new technical implementation tool, Aritrum Stylus is expected to set a significant milestone in the development of blockchain technology, especially with its capability to speed up computation with WASM languages. By enhancing the language support on the Ethereum smart contract, the firm has already appealed to a larger developer community fostering its wonder acceptance and use cases. 

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Author: Puskar Pande

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