Launching with 20 million STRK tokens for the best projects: Starknet Catalyst program

  • Twenty million STRK tokens are distributed by the Starknet Catalyst Program to promote Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions.
  • Six exceptional projects have already been recognized, and funding is intended to improve the user experience.
  • With its initiative, Starknet showcases its dedication to innovation by utilizing ZK-STARK technology to provide scalable and secure solutions.

The 21 top projects inside the Starknet Foundation’s ecosystem will each receive 20 million STRK tokens as part of the organization’s new Catalyst initiative, which was just unveiled.

Launched to Promote Ethereum Scaling Solutions is the Starknet Catalyst Program

The Starknet Catalyst Program promotes Ethereum Layer 2 innovation. Starknet’s solutions, which all make use of rollup technology with zero knowledge.

Targeting both, funding is divided into two categories: advanced and emerging. Top user-facing protocols that are sponsored are chosen based on several criteria assessed by external assessors and the Starknet Foundation.

The main objective of the initiative is to improve the on-chain dApp experience for users by providing help to projects that add new features and interfaces.

A number of high-profile projects are competing for funding: ZKX, a decentralized perpetual futures exchange; Influence, an on-chain strategy game; Realms, an on-chain gaming world; Nostra, an upcoming crypto super app DeFi protocol; and Ekubo, a token launch platform.

ZK-Supported Developers at Starknet-STARK Technologies

This announcement comes after an early-stage application support program called Seed Grants. With the launch of the Starknet Catalyst Program and an upcoming major program for experienced builders, the Starknet Foundation will offer extensive and all-encompassing support to developers in the ecosystem at all stages of maturity.

As a follow-up to the first round of Provisions, a user-centric program will also be launched by the end of Q3. Because of Starknet’s well-known scalability, security, and inexpensive transaction costs, many cutting-edge applications choose to operate in this ideal environment.

The Starknet Catalyst Program demonstrates the company’s commitment to fostering innovation and assisting applications all the way from inception to self-sustainability.

ZK-STARK technology makes Starknet one of the best options for developing cutting-edge technological solutions by providing a stable, scalable, and secure platform that makes it easy for developers and users to work together.

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Author: Puskar Pande

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