July 2025 is the new deadline for Worldcoin WLD claims

  • The WLD grant reservation redemption date has been extended by Worldcoin to July 31, 2025.
  • The extension will give participants more time to verify their World IDs and get WLD tokens.

Extending the Worldcoin WLD claim deadline. Reservations made between July 24, 2023, to July 31, 2024, are currently valid for redemption through July 31, 2025.

Worldcoin has just declared an extension of the WLD grant reservation redemption date. The Worldcoin Foundation launched WLD grant reservations shortly after its introduction in July 2023, enabling those lacking a validated World ID to reserve WLD tokens for redemption at a later date.

Effort to Increase Worldcoin Project Participation

That was intended to be a method, independent of the orb’s availability, to garner as much involvement in the Worldcoin project as possible, according to the statement.

In order to allow everyone to view and identify their World ID and make reservations for WLD grants, the tokens were initially set aside for a year. The redemption date for tokens that those who started reserving soon after debut came in July 2024.

Deadline to Claim Worldcoin WLD Extended to 2025

But now Worldcoin has extended its schedule by an additional year. The redemption period for reservations made for WLD awards between July 24, 2023, and July 31, 2024, is currently open and will run until July 31, 2025.

Participants will have additional time to confirm their World ID and claim their reserved WLD tokens thanks to this extension. It will be possible to make new bookings till July 31, 2024.

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Author: Puskar Pande

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