Elastos Unveils Elacity DRM: Pioneering Digital Rights Management for Web3

  • Elastos has launched Elacity DRM, a pioneering digital rights management tool for Web3, primarily targeting video content creators.
  • The platform’s commitment to providing creators with over 95 percent of their revenue sets a new standard, significantly deviating from the conventional Web2 models offering a range of 30 to 55 percent.

In a significant stride towards empowering content creators in the Web3 era, Elastos has officially launched Elacity DRM, a groundbreaking digital rights management (DRM) tool tailored for Web3, with a primary focus on video content creators.

Elacity DRM introduces an innovative Access Economy Protocol (AEP), seamlessly blending non-fungible token (NFT) technology with decentralized DRM. This revolutionary integration allows content creators to seamlessly share, monetize, and even resell their content while maintaining defined scarcity. The result is a paradigm shift that provides creators with direct control over their digital rights.

Sasha Mitchell, CEO of Elacity, emphasized the transformative impact of Elacity DRM, stating, “In the Web2 world, centralized DRM has orchestrated a creative heist, stripping creators of their rightful control and revenues. This has led to a landscape where the true value of digital assets is diminished, and the connection between creators and their audiences is hindered by layers of intermediaries.”

Mitchell further explained the platform’s commitment to reinstating creators’ ownership and control over their digital assets, leveraging blockchain and decentralized technologies to ensure security and the preservation of true value in the Web3 era.

Key Features and Technological Foundation

The Elacity DRM tool is built on the Elastos Smart Chain (ESC) and boasts compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it accessible to a diverse range of creators within the Elastos SmartWeb ecosystem.

Initial Focus and Future Developments

While Elacity DRM is initially tailored for video content, catering to various applications such as independent filmmaking, educational materials, documentaries, and podcasting, the platform has ambitious plans for expansion. Future developments include extending its capabilities to audio-only formats, encompassing music and audiobooks. Furthermore, Elacity DRM has slated extensions to include documents, gaming, and software capsules in its roadmap for 2024.

Revolutionizing Revenue Distribution

One of the standout features of Elacity DRM is its ability to empower creators with a substantial portion of their revenue. In stark contrast to traditional Web2 models, which typically offer creators a range of 30 to 55 percent, Elacity DRM enables creators to retain over 95 percent of their revenue. This shift signifies a significant departure from conventional revenue distribution models, offering creators a more equitable share of the value they generate.

As Elastos pioneers Elacity DRM, the platform stands at the forefront of revolutionizing digital rights management in the Web3 era. With a commitment to empowering content creators and redefining revenue distribution, Elacity DRM represents a crucial development in the ongoing evolution of decentralized technologies.

Empowering Web3 Creators: Elastos Redefines Digital Rights Management with Elacity DRM

In forging ahead with Elacity DRM, Elastos has not only introduced a groundbreaking tool for digital rights management in the Web3 era but has also taken a significant step toward empowering content creators. With a focus on video content initially, Elacity DRM’s innovative Access Economy Protocol combines NFT technology and decentralized DRM, granting creators unparalleled control over their digital assets.

As Elacity DRM looks toward expanding its capabilities to audio formats and beyond, the platform’s commitment to providing creators with over 95 percent of their revenue marks a stark departure from traditional models. Elastos, through Elacity DRM, is at the forefront of reshaping revenue distribution and fostering a more equitable landscape for content creators in the decentralized Web3 ecosystem.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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