Crypto Bytes: Top 10 Breaking News from Cryptoverse 

  1. Bitcoin Will Get Rollups Through the “Superlayer” Protocol BitcoinOS The framework, which includes built-in anti-fraud measures and is essentially trustless, is supported by the DeFi project Sovryn.
  1. Aleo is getting ready to debut on the mainnet shortly, once a few last bugs are fixed. The network’s architecture makes it suitable for rollups and supports anonymity at the core blockchain level.
  1. US government publishes notification announcing its intention to sell $117M in Bitcoin that was taken from two people, one of them was Ryan Farace, a dark web drug dealer who sold drugs on the Silk Road. Farace, also known as Xanaxman, was charged by the DOJ in 2018.
  1. A decision on a proposal from Grayscale Investments for a spot EthereumETF has been postponed once more by the Securities and Exchange Commission. An order to commence proceedings and request additional public comment was issued on Thursday.
  1. The People’s Bank of China, which is in charge, has announced that it intends to extend its digital yuan trial programme in Hong Kong. The Deputy Governor of the PBoC, Xuan Changneng, stated that the bank seeks to “deepen the cross-border e-CNY pilot” in Hong Kong.
  1. Worldcoin aims to introduce an updated iteration of its futuristic-appearing Orb gadget. The new Orb will resemble an Apple device, according to Alex Blania, CEO and co-founder of Tools for Humanity, the firm that created Worldcoin.
  1. Lamassu Industries’ Bitcoin ATMs were found to have a major vulnerability. Leading cybersecurity company IOActive found the vulnerability in 2023. Attackers may be able to control the ATM interface and take Bitcoin straight out of users’ wallets thanks to the security flaw.
  1. UK court denies Craig Wright Appeal. In July, a group of judges decided that Wright’s libel suit against bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack was only going to be settled for 1 GBP.
  1. Timeline for Final “Dencun” Testnet Upgrades Set by Ethereum Developers. On January 30 and February 7, developers will test Dencun on the testnets for Sepolia and Holesky, setting the stage for the upgrade to go out to the main network by late February or early March.
  1. Eco, which has raised $95 million, acquires the stablecoin-based shopping software Join was acquired by Eco. Eco is the company behind the Ethereum layer-2 wallet Beam.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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