Com2uS and Oasys Forge Alliance for Web3 Gaming Expansion in Japan

  • The collaboration between South Korean game publisher Com2uS and the Oasys blockchain project marks a strategic move to enhance Com2uS’s web3 gaming infrastructure. 
  • With Oasys having a track record of collaboration with major players like SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft, Com2uS is tapping into the expertise of Oasys’s core team to establish a new layer 2 network compliant with Japanese regulations. 

In a strategic move aimed at fortifying its foothold in the Japanese gaming market, South Korean game publisher Com2uS has announced a collaborative partnership with Oasys blockchain project. This initiative seeks to enhance Com2uS’s web3 gaming infrastructure and navigate the complexities of the Japanese gaming landscape.

Oasys, a blockchain network renowned for its gaming-centric solutions and notable collaborations with industry giants such as SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft, will play a pivotal role in providing technical support. This support extends to Com2uS and its blockchain subsidiary XPLA, facilitating the establishment of a new layer 2 network in compliance with Japanese regulatory frameworks.

The collaboration represents a significant step for XPLA, Com2uS’s blockchain arm, as it gears up to make a substantial entry into Japan, the world’s third-largest gaming market. Paul Kim, Team Lead at XPLA, affirmed that the partnership with Oasys positions Com2uS to launch two web3 games in Japan within the first half of 2024, leveraging globally recognized intellectual properties.

Beyond the introduction of new web3 games, the collaboration entails the onboarding of Com2uS’s staple game franchises onto the Oasys network. Notable titles, including ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ and ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars,’ are expected to find a new home on the blockchain network.

Com2uS, a veteran in the gaming industry with a history dating back to 1998, boasts a market capitalization of over 605 billion Korean won ($454 million) as of the latest available data on Monday in Asia. This partnership underscores Com2uS’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology and exploring innovative avenues for growth in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

The collaboration between Com2uS and Oasys not only signifies a strategic move into the Japanese market but also reflects the broader industry trend of integrating blockchain solutions into gaming ecosystems. As blockchain continues to redefine the dynamics of the gaming sector, this partnership positions Com2uS to pioneer new standards in web3 gaming, tapping into the rich potential of decentralized technologies.

Com2uS and Oasys Unite: Pioneering Web3 Gaming Frontiers in Japan

In forging a strategic alliance with Oasys, Com2uS positions itself at the forefront of Japan’s gaming landscape, bringing forth a new era of web3 gaming. The collaboration not only marks a significant foray into the Japanese market but also symbolizes Com2uS’s commitment to pioneering blockchain integration in its gaming repertoire. As the industry witnesses this powerful convergence of established gaming expertise and cutting-edge blockchain solutions, Com2uS stands poised to redefine the gaming experience in Japan and set new benchmarks for innovation in the global gaming arena.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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