Build A Rocket Boy Secures $110 Million Funding to Propel Ambitious Gaming Ventures

  • The Series D funding round, led by RedBird Capital Partners, secures over $110 million for Edinburgh-based gaming studio Build A Rocket Boy. 
  • With a global presence and a workforce of over 300 employees, the studio’s commitment to revolutionizing game creation and content sharing reflects a genre-defining journey forward.

Edinburgh-based gaming studio, Build A Rocket Boy, founded by Leslie Benzies, has successfully raised over $110 million in a Series D funding round, signaling a new chapter for its ambitious gaming projects. The funding, led by RedBird Capital Partners, renowned for its extensive experience in media and entertainment investments, will fuel the development of three flagship products: the immersive open-world platform EVERYWHERE, the AAA game series MindsEye, and a suite of user-friendly UGC (User-Generated Content) design tools named ARCADIA.

Empowering Creators in the Future of Game Development

EVERYWHERE, currently in closed Alpha testing since the end of 2023, stands out as a groundbreaking multi-world game experience blurring the lines between reality and the digital realm. Offering unparalleled possibilities, EVERYWHERE enables players to break free from constraints and assume any identity. The platform emphasizes player engagement with both single-player and multiplayer gaming experiences, incorporating state-of-the-art UGC tools to revolutionize the video game creator economy.

MindsEye, described as a highly anticipated AAA, story-driven game, tackles crucial societal issues at a pivotal moment in human development. Exploring themes such as increasing inequality, artificial intelligence proliferation, the rise of military robots, and the impending climate crisis, MindsEye promises to be a thought-provoking gaming experience. Both EVERYWHERE and the first episode of MindsEye are on track for imminent launches.

In addition to these flagship developments, Build A Rocket Boy introduces ARCADIA, a suite of intuitive UGC design tools. While specific details about ARCADIA are limited, the company’s emphasis on empowering players and creators suggests these tools will play a significant role in shaping the future of game development.

Rocket Boy’s Global Presence and Workforce

Headquartered in Edinburgh with offices in Leith, Build A Rocket Boy maintains a global presence with offices in Budapest, Hungary, and Montpelier, France, boasting a workforce of over 300 employees.

The Series D funding round, led by RedBird Capital Partners, brings valuable expertise in media, entertainment, sports, and experiential consumer ecosystems. Julia Wittlin, a partner at RedBird Capital, will join Build A Rocket Boy’s board, contributing insights to the studio’s vision of player-centric game creation and content sharing.

Support from existing and new investors, including Galaxy Interactive, NetEase Games, Endeavor, Alignment Growth, Woodline Partners LP, and GTAM Partners, underscores the industry’s confidence in Build A Rocket Boy’s innovative approach.

Rocket Boy’s Genre-Defining Journey

Leslie Benzies, the visionary behind Build A Rocket Boy, expressed excitement about collaborating with RedBird and the collective of investors. He emphasized the studio’s commitment to empowering players in game creation, envisioning a future where players actively shape the gaming industry.

“We believe in a future where game creation is put in the hands of the players, and we will empower them with the tools to help shape this vision with us,” noted Benzies.

RedBird Capital Partners echoed this excitement, expressing enthusiasm about supporting Build A Rocket Boy on its journey to becoming a genre-defining game studio and entertainment platform. Leveraging its vast investment portfolio, RedBird is poised to offer unique insights into the gaming industry’s convergence with other forms of interactive entertainment.

Rocket Boy Rockets Forward: Edinburgh-Based Gaming Studio Raises $110M for Future Endeavors

Build A Rocket Boy, led by Leslie Benzies, secures a substantial $110 million in a series D funding round, with RedBird Capital Partners leading the investment. The studio’s ambitious projects, including the groundbreaking EVERYWHERE platform, the socially relevant MindsEye game series, and the user-friendly ARCADIA tools, are set to redefine the gaming landscape. With a commitment to empowering players and shaping the future of game development, Build A Rocket Boy’s strategic funding positions them at the forefront of genre-defining innovation in the gaming industry.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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