Blockchain Gaming Sensation ‘Heroes of Mavia’ Launches Token Airdrop After Surpassing 1 Million Downloads

  • “Heroes of Mavia” strategically leverages a token airdrop as a means to amplify user engagement and celebrate its rapid success, surpassing 1 million downloads within a week. 
  • The decision to airdrop the MAVIA token to 100,000 players, representing 2.5% of the total token supply, not only rewards the existing player base but also incentivizes further participation. 

In a remarkable achievement, Skrice Studios’ blockchain-powered mobile game, “Heroes of Mavia,” has initiated a token airdrop following an impressive milestone of over 1 million downloads. The game, which garnered a valuation of $100 million in its most recent funding round two years ago, boasts prominent backers such as Binance Labs, Delphi Digital, Capital, and Animoca Brands.

Less than a week since its launch on both Apple and Android platforms, “Heroes of Mavia” has already attracted a staggering 230,000 daily active users. The game’s rapid ascent includes claiming the top spot as the leading free mobile game on Android devices in China and dominating the Google Play store in Nigeria. Additionally, it has secured high rankings on Apple’s App Store in Poland, Finland, and Canada, marking a strong global debut for the blockchain-centric gaming experience.

Skrice Studios has revealed that 100,000 players are eligible for the eagerly anticipated MAVIA token airdrop scheduled for today. A generous allocation of up to 6,250,000 tokens, constituting 2.5% of the total supply of 250 million, will be available for claimants. This move underscores the studio’s commitment to rewarding its growing user base and fostering community engagement within the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

While the quest for blockchain games to break into the mainstream remains a challenge, “Heroes of Mavia” has demonstrated a robust start, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the space. Notable gaming projects with similar aspirations, including “Star Atlas,” “Illuvium,” and “Shrapnel,” are closely monitoring the evolving landscape of mainstream adoption.

Skrice Studios last secured funding two years ago, raising $2.5 million in a round led by Capital, which contributed to the developer’s $100 million valuation at that time. Binance Labs, a key supporter, led a separate seed round in 2021, contributing $5.5 million to the studio’s ambitious endeavors. The total funds raised by Skrice Studios amount to $9 million, providing a solid foundation for further innovation and development in the blockchain gaming sector.

In an exciting development, the “Heroes of Mavia” token is set to go live on prominent exchanges, including Bybit, KuCoin, and HTX, offering users and investors an opportunity to participate in the project’s growth. This strategic move marks a crucial step in the game’s integration of blockchain technology, unlocking new dimensions of engagement and value creation for its community.

Blockchain Gaming Triumph: ‘Heroes of Mavia’ Launches Token Airdrop Following 1 Million Downloads

“Heroes of Mavia” emerges as a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming realm, celebrating its remarkable success with a token airdrop after surpassing 1 million downloads in just under a week. With a valuation of $100 million and backing from industry giants like Binance Labs, the game not only dominates app stores globally but also underscores its commitment to user engagement through a generous MAVIA token airdrop. As the blockchain gaming landscape evolves, “Heroes of Mavia” stands at the forefront, signaling a new era of convergence between blockchain technology and mainstream gaming experiences.

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Author: Mehar Nayar

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