Base Blockchain and Pioneer NFT Music Creation Collaboration

In a groundbreaking move, Base, the blockchain ecosystem powered by Coinbase, has partnered with, a blockchain music platform, to introduce a platform enabling artists to mint music as NFTs. The collaboration, announced on December 19, allows artists to leverage the Base ecosystem for on-chain music creation. 

Notably, Base operates as an Ethereum Layer 2, offering cost-effective gas fees and swift transactions for minting nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The partnership aims to provide artists with the ability to upload and withdraw their creations without the need to purchase crypto or bridge their funds.

The inaugural track, titled “Based,” is a blockchain-themed song crafted by artists Reo Cragun and Heno. The lyrics convey a message of resilience, stating, “We’re bringing a billion on-chain. Some people leave whenever there are tough times, but shout out to the real ones that stuck by.” emphasizes the significant benefit of tapping into the vast user base of over 100 million users on the Base network within the Web3 music scene. The collaboration positions music as a compelling entry point for a new generation of users to engage with on-chain technologies.

This venture reflects the growing trend of the music industry embracing Web3 technologies, with prominent names exploring blockchain-based releases. Megadeth, the American thrash metal band, recently introduced a new NFT collection in early December, providing their global community with innovative ways to connect in both physical and digital realms. 

Additionally, the late pop legend Michael Jackson had his first-ever studio demo released on the blockchain as digital vinyl through the Anotherblock music platform earlier this month.

The intersection of blockchain and the music industry continues to evolve, with artists and industry players exploring new possibilities for engagement, distribution, and revenue generation. The Base and collaboration signifies a noteworthy stride in the ongoing convergence of music and blockchain technologies, paving the way for a transformative era in the creation and distribution of music through NFTs.

Soundwaves of Transformation: Base and Pioneer NFT Music Evolution

As Base and join forces to pioneer the creation of music as NFTs, the collaboration marks a significant milestone in the convergence of blockchain technology and the music industry. This innovative venture not only provides artists with a seamless platform for minting music but also leverages the efficiency of Ethereum Layer 2, offering cost-effective solutions. 

With the inaugural track “Based,” artists Reo Cragun and Heno set the tone for a new era in music creation, emphasizing resilience and inclusivity in the Web3 music scene. The partnership’s potential to tap into Base’s extensive user network positions music as a gateway for a diverse audience to explore on-chain experiences. 

This collaboration echoes the broader trend of musicians exploring blockchain-based releases, underscoring the transformative impact of NFTs on the music landscape. As the music industry continues to embrace Web3 technologies, Base and stand at the forefront, harmonizing music creation and blockchain innovation.

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Author: Puskar Pande

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