AI and DePIN collaboration between SingularityNET and Filecoin

  • Together, SingularityNET and Filecoin integrate DePIN and decentralized AI, emphasizing the creation of ethical AI and decentralized infrastructure.

A cooperative relationship has been established by the Filecoin Foundation, the organization that oversees the Filecoin network, and SingularityNET, a developer of artificial intelligence platforms.

The collaboration seeks to preserve decentralization, AI ethics, and data provenance while integrating the artificial intelligence (AI) and decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) sectors.

An official press statement shared with Cointelegraph states that as part of the agreement, an AI ethics working group will be established to guarantee that ethical standards are followed in the research and application of AI.

Goals of collaboration

The partnership aims to accomplish a number of goals over varying timeframes. For example, SingularityNET plans to use Filecoin’s Lighthouse SDK for metadata storage.

The integration of Filecoin’s technological stack into SingularityNET is one of the medium-term objectives, as it aims to enhance security and bolster the AI-generated data storage infrastructure.

The long-term goal of the alliance is to leverage Filecoin for Knowledge Graph management, which is a crucial component of SingularityNET’s Knowledge Layer program.

Regarding the collaboration, Goertzel affirmed the use of the Filecoin FIL tickers down $4.01 token in addition to the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) token.

DePIN advancements

In the end, the Filecoin network is a DePIN project created specifically for cloud storage, with governance, funding, and growth facilitated by the Filecoin Foundation.

SingularityNET will provide AI service integration to Filecoin’s decentralized storage technology, and vice versa, to build mutually beneficial and compatible ecosystems.

The collaboration seeks to illustrate the practical uses of DePINs and their possible effects on the industry in order to increase their benefits.

AI in one step and AGI in two

The ASI token merger includes Ocean Protocol,, and SingularityNET.

Goertzel stated in an interview with Cointelegraph that superhuman superintelligence is not far off, even with the merger’s delay.

Goertzel clarified in the interview that the ultimate goal was to develop superintelligence on a decentralized system.

SingularityNET has merged with two other AI development companies and is now working with the Filecoin Foundation to further its cooperative objectives.

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Author: Lalit Mohan

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